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Lily Khuu is a unique hybrid of playful and professional. She isn’t afraid to dive deep — head first — into controversial topics, such as the famous philosophical debate regarding the Oxford comma (scroll to the bottom to find a compelling argument in meme-form.)  She is an enthusiastic entertainment reporter with a background in comedy performance and musical theatre. Lily is also a Los Angeles based DJ and event producer. Contact her for inquiries about your storytelling needs at Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details about her background as a comedic journalist.

Find what Lily’s doing next by following her on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook.  She just launched a YouTube page where you can subscribe to her channel to get video updates.  If you want to meet her in person, attend one of her events she is either DJing for or producing by searching for her nightlife pseudonym DJ Matriarchy.


More About Lily Khuu

Background and Credits

During her time with the Emmy Award-winning show Newscene on San Diego iTV Channel 16’s live broadcast, she practiced industry standards for unbiased reporting. While producing coverage in Los Angeles for pop-culture digital media publications AfterEllen and Rainbow Social she takes the red carpets by storm. Notable moments include slow dancing with the Mayor of West Hollywood, Lauren Meister, and performing an air guitar solo for The L Word‘s Leisha Hailey. Other notable interviews include American Idol‘s Adam Lambert, Food Network‘s Hannah Hart, and YouTube sensation Pentatonix. She’s currently launching her own digital media outlet, Shiz Daily, with Emmy Award-nominated Saturday Night Live writer Kevin Kelton. The online publication delivers headline updates from a humorous perspective and will eventually feature streaming specials. Lily is also a Los Angeles based DJ and comedian. You can check out her comedy-news pet project at

New Stealth Project

Lily Khuu is currently working on a stealth project that will unify her work with Shiz Daily, Rainbow Social, and her freelance work as a DJ and entertainment host.  She is seeking ethical support.  If you’re looking to invest into a multi-billion dollar idea, invest into multi-national conglomerates owned by (mostly) white men.  However, if you’re looking to support an LGBTQ+ woman who is making strides to help give underrepresented demographics a platform to be heard in an innovative way, contact Lily Khuu about investing in her next great endeavor.  Who knows?  Perhaps multi-billion dollar companies owned by women of color is the next frontier and this will be the idea that launches the industry in this direction.

Important Meme Lily Wants You To See:

Lily Khuu did not create this meme but appreciates artist Eric Edelman for making it. See more of his artwork on his website here. | 2011